• 5 Steps to create your parent PowerSchool account

      1. Click on the Powerschool menu button in the quick links menu

      Quick links menu bar for PowerSchool



      2. On the Parent Sign in Page click on the Create Account tab

      PowerSchool Create Account image    then   Powerschool create account then image


      3. On the Create Parent Account page fill in your information.

        1. First Name
        2. Last Name
        3. Email
        4. (create) Desired Username
        5. (create) Password
        6. Re-enter password


      4. When you are done entering your information scroll down to Link Students to Account and put in the child’s name and the information from the sheet you obtained from the main office. (District Code DMKC)

        1. Student Name
        2. Access ID (found on paper from the office)
        3. Access Password (found on paper from the office)


      5. When you have completed filling in all the information scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Enter